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ReconMore will find security irregularities before cybercriminals.

ReconMore is our autohoriative service which can effectively improve your IT’s security level.
In areas where Pen Testers didn’t fins security susceptibility our service can show mistakes in just 24 hours from the launch of the application.
ReconMore will detect present security irregularities, as well as handle any future discrepancies which could appear.

ReconMore services

We produce unique software which especially effective in providing cybersecurity, utilizing automatic reconnaissance for security irregularity detection.


We effectively analyze (in real time) recources to detect security inconsistencies. We are always vigilant, looking out for already existing security’s errors and the ones which might appear in the future – in the server infrastructure and in the software.

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Why is it worth for me?

Automatic security reconnaissance is how ReconMore has repeatedly showcased it’s effectiveness for so many businesses in Poland and other countries, which report any critical security flaws.

Our service is taking part in the international program Bug Bounty. Yielding great results. We have discovered huge amount of security flaws present in small, medium companies, even in big institutions and corporations.


Compatibility with infrastructure

ReconMore works in complete accordance with server infrastructure of top providers as well as small local providers. We are independent on delivery and localization of server infrastructure. ReconMore works with full efectiveness and does not cause any conflicts.


High experience in Business services





We have an affluent portfolio with companies where we have had security errors. Check our Clients portfolio.


Report Service System

Under this service we have already checked thousands of applications and secure communication systems. In case of security error detection, the system will generate full security reports with recommendations of actions to implement – which have been formulated by our security team.


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We offer completely free launch of services service  for Clients.


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